Star Wars: Fist of The Empire

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Star Wars: Fist of The Empire

Uses the Stars Wars System by Fantasy Flight Games

Bi-Weekly – Saturdays – 18:00 GMT (6 PM)

Join the Empire and crush the futile Rebellion in the Dark Side version of the Star Wars Story!

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The Empire is in mourning.

1 7 Million dedicated Imperial citizens died in a brutal and unprovoked terrorist attack on an experimental space station in the Yavin system.

The perpetrators of this attack? None other than the cowardly Rebellion. Insurgents and criminals seek only to ruin the peace and security that Emperor Palpatine and his elected officials have sought to bring upon the galaxy.

The Empire needs people like you more then ever! Brave citizens who have the courage to stand up against the barbarism of the Rebellion, and who wish to bring order and justice to a fractured galaxy.

Join the Empire, and enforce the will of one of the most powerful factions in the Star Wars universe. Become an agent of Palpatine himself, serve Lord Vader as a member of the fearsome Inquisitors, or join the ranks of Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers, who fight on the front lines in the name of their Emperor. Perhaps even track down the enemies of order as a hired mercenary or bounty hunter. Hunt down the traitorous members of the Jedi Order. Foil the schemes of Rebel spies. Rise through the ranks of the Imperial government to gain the favour of the Emperor himself.

Take part in battle on a galactic scale! Wage war against all who seek to bring ruin to your Empire! Any action you take could hinder the Rebellion and its ‘freedom fighters’ Failure will not be tolerated…

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18th November

1 review for Star Wars: Fist of The Empire

  1. acidicdevildog

    Amazing game, the depth of lore and world knowledge is fantastic I thoroughly enjoy every session

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