Fallout: Cruel Britannia

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Enter the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Britain in 2288 for a view of how the events of the Fallout Universe affected the UK…

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  • Scavenge the ruins of Old London.
  • Build a new settlement in the wreckage of the old.
  • Battle all the post-apocalyptic horrors of the Fallout universe.
  • Explore a different part of the world that was.

Out of the ruins of the old world, a new chance blooms. From Vaults and Survivors to Ghouls and Robots, the people of the future are building new settlements and developing new chances to move on from the ravages of the war to end all wars. Now, a new group of settlers stand ready to work together to create a community – will you lead them into a safe and prosperous future, or will you become no better than the gangs who prey on the weak?

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11-Nov-23, 25-Nov-23, 09-Dec-23, 06-Jan-24, 20-Jan-24, 03-Feb-24


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