Adventurer Engagement

We welcome everyone over the age of 18 to join our guildhall, but do require you to abide to the following:

  • Whilst we take sensitivities of everyone seriously we also believe that each player is responsible for ensuring they do not put themselves at risk.
    • Players must check with the GM running the game they wish to join if they are concerned about themes that may trigger them.
    • If a player believes they will be triggered by themes in a game we request that player do not join and find a game that will suit their requirements.
    • We do not expect a GM to alter their pre-written games content due to player’s request,
      • The GM’s have created a story and removal of elements to suit one player may ruin the integrity of the game and ruin the game play for the others players who have joined the game.
  • Players are expected to treat everyone they are in a game respectfully, this means:
    • No abusive language to be used towards other players or the GM of any game.
    • To be considerate of other people sensitivities and not to deliberately cause situations where other players are triggered.
  • When reviewing games or GM’s, players must do so with respect:
    • Do not use vulgar language.
    • Be honest about your experience.