Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments/subscriptions work?

We use Stripe to provide a safe and secure payment option.

We charge games as subscriptions. These subscription payments are made manually, you will receive an email on the day of your session with a payment request, until you or the GM ends the subscription.

After you have subscribed to the game you will find subscriptions in your Account, here you can cancel the subscription.

We advise you to let your Games Master know that you wont be able to attend a session

How do I suspend/cancel my subscription?

You can find your subscriptions in your Adventurers Account page, you will be able to cancel your subscription here.

Why do I have to buy my ticket as a Subscription?

Most of the games you will book onto will be ongoing. We charge as subscriptions to ensure your space in the game each week.

How do cancellations work?

You are free to cancel your subscription to your game at any time. To do so please speak with your Games Master to ensure you follow their cancellation policy. You can cancel your subscription through your Account.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can delete your account by going to your Account and finding the Delete Me option. this will delete your account and any details we hold.

Please note this will not unsubscribe you to any emails. To do this you can either:

  • email us at with the email you have been receiving our newsletters
  • unsubscribe when you next receive and email from us.

Why do I have to create an account?

We ask for you to create an account for both the safety of the adventurers and the Games Masters who enter our games. Accounts can be banned from accessing the platform.

Why would I be banned?

We don’t want to ban any adventurer or GM from our site, we hope to create a safe space for people to enjoy their game time. But to make sure our Adventurers feel safe at a table we will issue bans if:

  • We receive feedback from adventurers / games masters about behaviour at a table. This includes, and not restricted to:
    • Any comments made towards another player or GM that are::
      • malicious
      • racist
      • sexist
    • Intentionally disrupting the game play for others.

How much do the GM’s get from my purchase?

We believe in supporting the Games Master not using them to line our pockets. 100% of the cost of the booking goes to the Games Master. The booking fee goes to Fantasy Guild Hall and is the only income made from ticket sales to keep the site operational.

The payments are split at the time of ordering so that Fantasy Guild Hall does not handle the Game Masters money.

You can rest assured that you are supporting the games master when using Fantasy Guild Hall as your booking agent